Why us


Innovation has always been cored to our business. At CWI, we always stay up-to-date with the latest products, techniques and innovations in our industry so we can serve you better.

Our Ethos

We always look at how we can best meet the needs of our customers. It is what drives us forward. We work hard on being dependable and reliable, as well as trustworthy.

Our dedicated team continue to strive to improve all aspects of our business by providing high quality products at low prices when and where our home owner clients need them.

Unrivaled Service

If you have a question about our weatherproofing products, there’s always an experienced specialist available on the phone to answer your queries.

CWI is all about providing solutions and inspiring confidence. We genuinely put your interests first and go out of our way to deliver our goods and services on time every time.

Goodbye Air Leaks, Hello Weatherproof.

To counter air leaks and weatherproof woes, introducing the revolutionary weatherproof.

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