Welcome to Canada Weatherproof Inc (CWI)

CWI innovated a solution to help Canadian house owners save hard earned money, allowing property owners to stay comfortable with peace of mind.

The best, long-term solution is to seal the brick walls (houses built in 1970-1980), which will impact influence of the stack effect. CWI helps families that invest to eliminate the stack effect’s impact and enjoy savings between 30% and up on their energy bills.

CWI is a trusted and comprehensive provider of Weatherproof solutions for homes and property owners across Toronto and the adjoining areas.

Clients across the GTA rely on us for our commitment to solve all their water intrusion, air infiltration, and all home weatherproof needs in a cost effective and long-term manner.

Goodbye Air Leaks, Hello Weatherproof.

To counter air leaks and weatherproof woes, introducing the revolutionary weatherproof.

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