About us

CWI brings proven weatherproofing solutions to water and air leaks, restore beauty in your property, energy savers and in the end of the day save you money.

We help condo associations, businesses, property owners and home owners to avoid water entering to their properties, as well as maintaining the beauty of the masonry work, save energy making the property cosmetically appealing.

Ensuring superior quality weatherproofing

Across the GTA, CWI is a trusted source for proven weatherproofing solutions. Our commitment to research and development continues to strengthen its leadership in the building market.

Understanding the art of weatherproofing, we work with the best products on the market and creative workmanship to deliver solutions to your masonry needs.

CWI has built a reputation for providing innovative and high-quality products, excellent levels of service and extremely good value for money.  

Goodbye Air Leaks, Hello Weatherproof.

To counter air leaks and weatherproof woes, introducing the revolutionary weatherproof.

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