How-To Weatherproof Your Home.

  1. First, find out the surface area of your house and determine if your house is a Bungalow or Single house. For Bungalow houses, it should take about 15 gallons, and Single houses would take about 20 gallons.
  1. A Gallons of WEATHERPROOF SEALER will seal 100sq/f- 120sq/f depending on the surface covered.
  1. Equipment: WEATHERPROOF SEALER is easily applied by heavy duty roller.
  1. TWO coats of WEATHERPROOF SEALER is all you need to seal and protect most houses.
  1. Allow 24 hours drying time between coats.
  2. Clean up: NATURAL WEATHERPROOF can be clean with Thinning solvent or mineral turpentine immediately after use.

Hand Gloves and Glasses Required For Your Safety

The heavy-duty roller held much more securely than the regular rollers.

Stir the weatherproof oil thoroughly before use. If working in vertical surfaces, gently land the roller on the top of the walls and slowly move down.

Let the oil soak into the wall as much as possible to fill in cracks and air holes more effectively. 

Easy and Simple.


Put dried rags in a metal container. Make sure the cover is tight. Fill the container with a water and detergent solution. This will break down the oils. • Keep containers of oily rags in a cool place. Keep them out of direct sunlight. Keep them away from other heat sources. Check with your town for information on disposing of them. LIQUIDS THAT CAN CATCH FIRE • Flammable and combustible liquids should not be used near an open flame. Do not smoke when working with these liquids. • If you spill liquids on your clothing, remove your clothing and place it outside to dry. Once dry, clothing can be laundered. • Keep liquids in their original containers. Keep them tightly capped or sealed. Never store the liquids in glass containers.

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