Eliminated Stack Effects Diagram

ELIMINATE THE STACK EFFECT – Things get a WHOLE lot better be it Winter and Summer.

With the weatherproof sealer (indicated with a Blue layer) coated over the brick walls. Air is restricted to pass through the brick walls as it was originally designed. The longer external air slowly fills up the house, the more money we save !

Thankfully to counter the air leaks and weatherproof woes, we are proud to introduce a revolutionary product called “Weatherproof”.

Weatherproof is a combination of natural oils which seals up brick walls from air ventilation and external hot and cold temperatures.

This keeps internal temperatures within houses relatively stable and cutting the costs of heating and gases from 35% and up as shown in the above diagram. As you can see, the stack effect is eliminated by the natural oils of weatherproof, allowing household temperatures to remain relatively stable, desirable, and comfortable during seasons such as the Winter and Summer.

Weatherproof also binds with mortars and bricks to prevent crumbling and dust from erosion.


After years of testing, the result was fantastic! We had successfully eliminated the stack effect within homes! By eliminating the stack effect, external temperatures and air leaks through walls would no longer siphon off cooling or heating air conditioning systems within homes. Without air leaks or invasive external temperatures, homes would be able to efficiently warm up or cool down, and sustaining those desired temperatures remove the need for excessive or less clothing during hot or cold seasons. You may receive similar, if not exact result, varying from designs.

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